The Lob Mob by Tell Tale

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Rating: 2.5/5 stars

The Lob Mob is about three Mafia members who stay at a weekend tennis resort. They learn the sport while balancing frequent romantic encounters and hilarity. but what will they do when they find a chicken suit in a secret compartment? Have a little fun with it, of course.

I loved the characters in this short book. The Mafia, a bank clerk, a maid, a psychologist, a tattoo artist, a judge, and a coach. Talk about diversity. What I especially liked about them was the fact that each of had different personalities. It was hard to figure out who everyone was for a while, but once I did, it made the book ten times easier to read and all the more interesting.

I also enjoyed the setting; a resort was a creative way to keep all of them in close contact and brew conflict.

However, the plot was a little…nonexistent. I don’t feel like the characters had main goals throughout their weekend at the tennis club. The entire book was simply the antics of the characters and how they affected people. Two main events occurred throughout the book, and the first took up a large portion while the other only took up a few pages. This made the book feel a little lopsided and disjointed, especially considering the first event was eventually forgotten about. In addition, the ending was majorly disappointing. I don’t think I quite understand it, either. The wording in this particular section is confusing. And if it means what I think it does, then I feel quite cheated.

Minor errors are throughout the book, but they aren’t major enough to take away from the reading. I did feel that there was an abundance of exclamation marks, but considering the voice of the narrator, it kind of worked.

This book is comedic. However, about halfway through the book, something happens that was a little to…unpleasant for my taste. I might’ve stopped reading it had I not agreed to review it. It was a little too weird for me, but I know that there are people out there who will enjoy it greatly.

Overall, The Lob Mob nice short read (about 20,000 words/66 pages on my Kindle) for those who enjoy humor and crime mixes.


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