Looking For Alaska by John Green

Rate: 2.5/5 stars

Okay, John. That hurt.

Looking For Alaska is set in an Alabaman university, where Miles (“Pudge”) meets The Colonel and Alaska Young. The three navigate the infamous college with much law breaking and hilarity, pulling dangerous pranks while pondering the “labyrinth of suffering” Alaska seems to be trapped in. Pudge is introduced to a new way of life at college—just before the disaster that takes place in the middle of his and Alaska’s blooming romance.

Like all John Green books (in my opinion), the beginning is painfully slow. I almost couldn’t read it because it was so slow. But I had just read Paper Towns, and had high hopes for the rest of the book. It’s split into two parts: “Before” and “After”. I barely made it through “Before” until they did their grand prank.

And then John Green did his thing, and for once, it was completely unexpected. I can usually foresee that kind of thing, but I didn’t this time. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention enough in “Before” to see the signs. But yes, the pain begins mid-book. Contrary to popular opinion, I think this is Green’s saddest book yet.

Another nuisance for me is the characters. Boring boy meets crazy girl. Boy is star struck. Weird side friend. Where have I seen this before? (*Cough cough* Paper Towns. With opposite genders, The Fault in Our Stars.) I feel like I’m reading the same characters over and over again.

Overall, a fair read. I wouldn’t be willing to read it again due to the slow beginning alone, but it was somewhat enjoyable towards the middle. (And then absolutely miserable, but you know.)


5 thoughts on “Looking For Alaska by John Green

  1. Hey there! It’s me. A.R. I found you through your profile page on online book club.
    I like your thoughts on Looking For Alaska. I have never read any of John Green’s work, but maybe it’s time that I do.

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  2. You’re the third person to tell me to read Paper Towns! It’s on my TR list, I’m just so entrenched in writing right now I’ve had to scale back on the reading for pleasure.
    I’m releasing my first science fiction novel, Inertia, this Fall and simultaneously working on books three and four in the Savor The Days series. (The plots are somewhat intertwined so I think I’m trying to make sure the overlapping scenes will add up. The plots involve characters introduced in Between Octobers. I’m really excited about them!)
    and then I have to dive right into the second and third installments of Inertia.
    But I will definitely get to reading me some John Greene before all that happens!


    1. Yeah, when I’m writing, I never have time for reading. I tend to obsess over writing for long periods of time, and then I’ll read a couple of books, but that’s not usually until the draft is finished. I’m trying to take my current one a little slower. I’m trying to soak up as many words as I can.
      (Oh, and by the way, my other blog “Writers Hate Writing” is all about writing and complaining about it.)

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